Get "Fighter Fit" in our SAFE FUN FAT-MELTING INSPIRING Kickboxing Class

Our exciting kickboxing program is a bag-slamming, fat-melting, muscle-toning workout you’ll actually LOVE

We help you achieve total mind, body, and spirit wellness and fitness.

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Get Fit and Stay Fit with Our Exciting Fitness Kickboxing Program in North Richland Hills, TX

Need to get your body toned and tight? Our fitness kickboxing lessons in North Richland Hills has exactly what you need to get the best results – fast!

Our students all over the North Richland Hills area (and  Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, Hurst areas too!) not only get into shape, but they also learn to defend themselves, become more confident, more focused, and stay motivated to reach their goals!


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of Adults
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Say they regularly feel stressed at their jobs

in the U.S. have cardiovascular disease – the #1 cause of death.

Don’t get enough weekly aerobic or strength exercise

Are directly related to heart disease and lack of physical fitness


Get the tools to succeed in the real world with TKD Armor Academy.

TKD Armor Academy teaches martial arts fitness kickboxing suitable for creating and maintaining fitness in the current Information Age. Our programs empower our students to experience life-changing physical, mental, spiritual, and social benefits.

You will find yourself in better shape and with more energy to improve your business and personal life. All you need to do to start seeing  the benefits is to get started! Stop doing the same mindless exercises at the gym and start working out with a purpose.

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Why Choose TKD Armor Academy?

Experience an INSPIRING program you’ll actually stick with and gain a postive outlook in life and body!

Because getting in shape can be challenging, enjoying the process and the social environment is a must.

Maybe you’ve tried and failed with other programs, but our martial arts fitness program has proven success.


Most frequent asked questions and answers

Our martial arts program covers every component of fitness. You will improve cardio, strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance areas of fitness through our classes.

It truly is a total body workout!

There is no other workout that is so complete and engaging!

One of the best parts of our program is that every student is treated as an individual, and progresses at their own rate.

Each student’s progress isn’t measured against other students, but rather against their own previous performance!

So, even students that aren’t as physically fit as the star quarterback of the football team, can have a wonderful experience in our program, and become stronger, fitter and more flexible.

The great thing about our program is that everyone is treated as an individual.

We have students as young as 3 or 4 and as old as 94!

Since every person is different, the best (and really, ONLY) way to see if our program is a good fit for you is to take advantage of one of our WEB SPECIALS and try it for yourself!

I’m 100% confident you’ll have a great time!

Our program is FUNDAMENTALLY different!

In a typical exercise program, you may be getting a good workout, but you’re really not learning much of anything.

Our programs will not only keep you excited and motivated because of our high-energy instruction that always keeps the class fresh and interesting, but you’ll also be learning real practical skills that could one day save your life.

Our students find this learning process incredibly engaging, and challenges them to truly master their technique. I guess this is the reason our students stick with our program while previous workouts have failed them.

We know how busy your life is, so our program is designed for the busy person

Students can make exciting, motivating progress by attending classes an average of twice a week.

Some students will want to attend more classes, and that’s great -we have options for that!

Really, the only way to know if our program is a good fit for you and your family is to try it yourself!

We have some GREAT WEB SPECIALS, so you can try the program without any strings attached and see for yourself how the program will benefit you or your whole family. 

TKD Armor Academy reviews

Connie Gray
Connie Gray
Sydney Alvarez
Sydney Alvarez
I go to the school and the teachers are super nice and they understand if a student has a problem!
Nick Barber
Nick Barber
Bryan Mead
Bryan Mead
Master Lal and his staff are great. Our son has really enjoyed being a student here!!
Dragon knight
Dragon knight
I have loved my time there and continue to do so!
Genna Nied
Genna Nied
Buddy Paul (Buddy)
Buddy Paul (Buddy)
Great, great school! Owner is a really good guy and is great with the kids. Perfect place to start your kids too. HUGE dojo, btw, and plenty of room to watch classes. Seriously, I think it doubles as a basketball court. Throw up a couple of backboards and you're set. Go see these guys. It's a really good organization.
Matthew Laubacher
Matthew Laubacher
Ava Crockett
Ava Crockett
Praneel Veerabathina
Praneel Veerabathina
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If you’re looking for the best Kickboxing Lessons in the North Richland Hills area, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll accomplish all of this and more in our TKD Armor Academy kickboxing lessons!

TKD Armor Academy

Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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