Help your Kids Develop Rock Solid Self-Esteem Self-Discipline Patience  Self-Respect and Much More!

Children love how much fun our classes are and parents love the difference it makes in their childrens’ lives!

You will find your child more focused and more confident in both their home life and at school. Parents in our school tell us how amazed they are at the dramatic positive improvements their children have made in only a few weeks!

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Our Martial Arts Lessons for Kids in North Richland Hills Have Parents Raving About the Results!

In our unique classes, each child learns and progresses at their own pace, learns to set individual (inspiring) goals, and then discovers their personal power while accomplishing those goals! 

See for yourself why children and their parents all over the North Richland Hills area (and  Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, Hurst areas too!) find our kids martial arts lessons so inspiring! 

PARENTS, It's Sad, But True...


Report Being a VICTIM of Violent Bullying

in the U.S. Have Tried Illegal Drugs

With Low Self-Esteem Engage in Drugs, Smoking, Self-Harm

Don’t Get Enough Aerobic Activity

Empower Your Child to Avoid Becoming Another Statistic!

Equip them with the tools to succeed in the real world with TKD Armor Academy.

Our students gain the tools to function at a high level, both socially and educationally, in school. The self-confidence, self-discipline, focus skills and leadership skills they develop in our martial arts classes prepare them to be great leaders and last for a lifetime.

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Why Choose TKD Armor Academy?

With every challenge reached, our students grow in confidence while gaining respect for themselves and others along their martial arts journey. 

 The discipline and structure in our classes help children improve their concentration and as a result our students also get better grades in school.

Our self-defense lessons are fun and enable kids to learn teamwork, which allows them to build great friendships with other future leaders.


Most frequent asked questions and answers

The great thing about our program is that the earlier you get started, the better your long-term results!

We have children in our programs that started as early as 3- or 4- years old, but since children develop at different rates, the best (and really, ONLY) way to see if your child is ready for our program is to take advantage of one of our WEB SPECIALS and try it for yourself!

No. In fact, quite the opposite!

Children are exposed to HUGE amounts of simulated and real violence on video games, television, movies, the internet and other media outlets.

But in our unique program, we teach students real, practical, effective violent conflict resolution techniques and tactics that can defuse the situation before it escalates to violence. We also teach escape techniques and tactics that even “smaller” people can use to move to safety if approached by a potentially dangerous situation.

Should your child be confronted with an aggressive situation that can’t be resolved peacefully or escaped from, he or she will also then possess the basic martial arts skills to defend themselves.

There are so many!

Martial arts students benefit from increased physical fitness and mental focus. 

The focus on self-discipline, respect, self-confidence, and perseverance in the face of setbacks builds character in students young and old.  Our students also join a community of people who share an interest in martial arts, improving their own way of life, and making a positive contribution in the community.

We know how busy your life is as a parent, so our program is designed so that students can make exciting progress by attending classes an average of twice a week.

Some students will want to attend more classes, and that’s great- we have options for that!

Really, the only way to know if our program is a good fit for you and your family is to try it for yourself!

We have some GREAT WEB SPECIALS, so you can try the program with no strings attached, and see for yourself how the program will benefit you or your child. 

One of the best parts of our program is that every student is treated as an individual and will progress at their own rate.

Each student’s progress isn’t measured against other students, but rather against their own previous performance!

So, even students that aren’t as physically fit as the star quarterback of the football team can have a wonderful experience in our program, and become stronger, fitter, and more flexible.

TKD Armor Academy reviews

Connie Gray
Connie Gray
Sydney Alvarez
Sydney Alvarez
I go to the school and the teachers are super nice and they understand if a student has a problem!
Nick Barber
Nick Barber
Bryan Mead
Bryan Mead
Master Lal and his staff are great. Our son has really enjoyed being a student here!!
Dragon knight
Dragon knight
I have loved my time there and continue to do so!
Genna Nied
Genna Nied
Buddy Paul (Buddy)
Buddy Paul (Buddy)
Great, great school! Owner is a really good guy and is great with the kids. Perfect place to start your kids too. HUGE dojo, btw, and plenty of room to watch classes. Seriously, I think it doubles as a basketball court. Throw up a couple of backboards and you're set. Go see these guys. It's a really good organization.
Matthew Laubacher
Matthew Laubacher
Ava Crockett
Ava Crockett
Praneel Veerabathina
Praneel Veerabathina
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If you’re looking for the best Kids Martial Arts Classes in the North Richland Hills area, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll accomplish all of this and more in our TKD Armor Academy kids martial arts classes!

TKD Armor Academy

Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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